If you have installed laminate flooring and a problem has surfaced, such as scratches, this can be quite easy to take care of. The manufacturer of your flooring may recommend a touch up stick. They can get one for you that will match your flooring perfectly. After using the touch up stick, you will be unable to notice the spots where the scratches were. The repair will make the spot blend with the other areas of the floor and it will become invisible.

If your flooring has a nick or gouge, there is a product that will fill the damaged area. It bonds to the laminate and becomes part of the floor. It will harden and resist moisture, cleaners, and any other substance the same as the original floor does. This is a perfect solution for any kind of damage from dropping something. It is more cost effective than replacing part of the floor and you will be surprised at how easily it blends in with the rest of your floor.

Other minor damage such as spots from an accidental spill or if your children used a permanent marker on the floor can be repaired without major problems. Nail polish remover will normally remove marker without a problem. Just use enough to cover the marker and do not go overboard.

A cleaner that is recommended for this type of flooring can be used. It will clean the spot without harming the floor. If you have gum or another substance stuck to the floor, scraping can remove it. However, you have to do it carefully to avoid gouging the floor.

Most problems you encounter will be minor and can be fixed. So don’t panic if you spill something or accidentally drop something on your floor. Sometimes it looks worse than it actually is. A call to your manufacturer will tell you if there is something you can do or if it needs professionally repaired.

For damage that is more serious, you may have to call in a professional. Replacing a section of the flooring with another plank of flooring may be what is called for. Using a professional to do this is what will make the difference in whether you can see the repair or not. If it is done correctly, you will be unable to see where the new plank was installed.

If you have more serious problems such as water damage, you may have to replace a section of flooring. Make sure it is limited to only part of the flooring. If it has seeped under the entire floor, you may have to redo the whole room. Usually the moisture barrier that is installed at the time you install the flooring will prevent this from happening. However, in extreme circumstances, this could occur.

Consider these steps if you have a problem with your laminate flooring. Before you have a panic attack, make sure it is something that should cause you to panic. You can do many repairs without costly replacement of part of your floor. That is what makes this such a great option for flooring. Not only does it look great but should you need to make a small repair, it can be done without calling a professional.