Laminate flooring is becoming popular for those who wish to give their home an updated look. The ease of clean up is one of the many benefits for this type of flooring. This flooring can give you the look of wood or stone.

When choosing laminate wood flooring, you get the look of real wood without the maintenance. True wood floors require sanding if something is accidentally dropped that gouges the wood. Deep scratches will have to be sanded on wood floors. Sanding and refinishing can be time consuming. However, good laminate flooring is gouge resistant.

There are two processes for making laminate flooring which determines how well it will hold up for your needs Direct pressure laminate is the most common one for using in homes. It has the realistic look of wood or stone depending on your choice. It is less expensive than its counterpart, high-pressure laminate.

High-pressure laminate is more gouge resistant than direct pressure laminate but it is harder to apply the pattern that gives it the wood or stone look. Therefore, it does not look at natural as the direct pressure laminate. To achieve the look that you want in your home direct pressure laminate is most likely your best choice.

Laminate flooring is made by layering materials. The top one is the one you see and walk on. This layer includes aluminum oxide as part of the materials used to make the floor less likely to stain, the color to fade, and protects it from wear and tear. The next layer is a fiberboard that gives the floor its strength. Most have melamine in this layer to resist moisture and make the floor strong enough to hold up to daily use.

The third layer is made with paper that is soaked with resin. The resin is what is used to establish a barrier than prevents moisture from getting into the flooring. This keeps the floor from warping.

These layers are fused together using either of the methods discussed previously, high pressure or direct pressure. When you choose the method you prefer, take into consideration the use of the floor. Most people prefer the direct pressure laminate in homes to give their floors the appearance of real wood or stone.

Businesses may use the high-pressure laminate to last longer and hold up to the traffic that it is subject to daily. They may not be concerned with achieving the look of real wood or stone as long as it looks nice and is easy to clean.

Laminate flooring is a great look for your home or business. Wood or stone flooring can add beauty to a room and value to your home. Many people are ripping up their carpets and replacing it with this great look. Cleaning is a breeze. Once installed it lasts longer than carpet and does not require steam cleaning to keep it looking great. Accent rugs can be used to tie in your décor theme.

With all the great benefits of laminate flooring it is no wonder, more and more people are choosing to replace their old flooring with this natural look.