You regularly hear awful stories from individuals who introduced laminate flooring in their kitchens 25 years ago. In those days the material was still in its primitive state, and it was not that durable. From that point forward material has developed to the point where laminates can be considered for establishment in a kitchen. However there are still concerns and support issues to think about.

Curls: Probably the greatest negative feedback from people who have introduced laminate flooring in their kitchens is that if water is spilled on the material, the tiles will respond by twisting up at the edges. This can totally ruin your kitchen floor, and destroy the atmosphere of a room and your wallet.

Delamination: Another issue that you may have with laminate flooring is that fluids can frequently remove the glue holding the pieces together and one day you might be missing a tile or two.

Cutting edge laminates are a lot better at enduring water and moisture, but be that as it may this is still an issue, and water ought to never be left on these floors for long and when cleaning the kitchen don’t use a wet mop.

Slippery slope: Some laminates get super slippery when wet, so be careful, you don’t want to break your beck.