If you are planning on putting laminate flooring in your home, you will want to be sure that it is put down properly. It can look great if it fits the space in the right way. However, if you do not take the pains to install it so that it fits the floor it will look very unprofessional. The look you are trying to achieve will not be what you end up with.

The first thing that you need to do is measure the room in which you are going to install the flooring. If the measurements are not correct, you will not have the right amount of planks to work with and there will be a problem when you get to the last row. So measure two or three times if necessary to make sure you will get a good fit.

The first row may have to be adjusted to make the last row look right. If the last row is going to be less than two inches wide, the time to make an adjustment is before you install the laminate flooring on the whole space.

Before you start laying the laminate flooring the foam roll of underlayment must be put down. This has to be put down to fit against the walls leaving no spaces. It has to be smoothed out so that there are no wrinkles. Any cut outs for vents need to be done at this time. If you have seams where it is put together, they have to be taped.

Due to the expansion and contraction of laminate flooring, when you put the first planks down it is wise to use spacers between them and the wall. If you do not do this, the flooring is either going to be too far out from the wall or it will warp. One thing you do not want to have to do is take the flooring up and start all over again.

Installation kits sometimes are provided with your laminate flooring. If it is not, check the manufacturer’s directions for what type of glue to use to make sure they stay together. Flooring that starts coming apart days after it is installed is not put together properly and the fit will not be right at all. Your floor could end up looking like a disaster area instead of a beautiful hardwood or stone floor.

Don’t panic if the joints swell and become uneven for a period of time after installing the flooring. A water-based glue is typically what is used to put this type of flooring down and it can cause this to happen. It can sometimes take up to a week for them to settle back to where they belong.

If you want a perfect fit for the flooring you are going to install, you have to follow instructions. Whether it is the instructions that come with the flooring or if you find a site online that specifically tells you how to do this correctly, follow one of them. A well-laid floor will show a professional look. One that is not correctly installed will be a waste of time and money.