Although Dupont was originally a manufacturer of explosives, more recently they have embarked upon new markets that include electronics, apparel, and products for home and construction. With their venture into the laminate flooring industry, they have developed some of the most realistic looking flooring available today. Two of their techniques are Micro Bevel and Real Touch, both of which are responsible for giving the laminate flooring the look and feel of hardwood or ceramic flooring.

Dupont laminate flooring is one of the best collections of real wood look for your home. They strive to give their flooring a textured look that is more realistic looking. Whether it is stone, slate, or ceramic the look you get is as close to the real thing as possible.

When you decide to use Dupont laminate flooring you will love the ease of clean up and the great look it created in any room you choose. This flooring should be used in dry rooms so that moisture does not collect underneath it. It can be installed in bathrooms if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to seal the places around toilets and bathtubs.

Installing this flooring on concrete floors can be done if you install a vapor barrier of a recommended thickness. Using silicone to seal any places that may need it. Make sure it is installed to the specifications of the manufacturer in case you would need to file a claim for it to be replaced.

If these steps are followed Dupont guarantees their flooring for 30 years from the original purchase date. Stains, fading, water damage, and wearing through are some of the items covered by their warranty. DuPont flooring is even covered for fading from sunlight. It is quite obvious that they stand behind their product.

This is another great thing about choosing this type of laminate flooring. As long as the flooring is installed according to their instructions, regardless if you do it yourself or have a professional do it, the warranty is valid should anything happen.

Laminate flooring from Dupont is available in many colors and styles. The in-stock selection is available at stores and special order styles are available as well. You will be thrilled with the look this flooring gives your home.

Laminate flooring has become quite affordable in recent years. When it was first manufactured, it was expensive and not many people knew how to put it down. They had to have it professionally installed and that added to the price of replacing their old floors with this exceptional product.

When you decide to redo your floors and are pondering which type of laminate flooring to use, check out all the information you can find. When if comes to the most realistic looking floors and the best warranty you can find, Dupont flooring is bound to stand out in the crowd.

The type of flooring you decide upon will be a hard choice once you see how many different textures and style are available for dressing up your home. However when you see the company that has the most options and the great prices, there is no doubt the product will be made by DuPont.